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What is counselling and what can it do for you or your child?

Counselling offers a safe environment where you can explore your strengths and resolve your issues with the help and guidance you require.

Counselling for adults is guided by you and is sensitive to all of your needs.

As with adults, counselling for children is also guided  by them and can help with sleeping, social interaction, confidence, and many more issues they may encounter as they are growing and learning to adapt in their tricky world.


As counsellors with qualifications in: Life Coaching, Couples and Family Therapy, Addictions Therapy, Child Psychology and Post Natal Depression to mention a few, we can help you and your children with the many issues you may be facing.

 Talking Heads uses a combination of methods including mindfulness, NLP (neuro linguistic programming), the Rewind Technique and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), to ensure the best techniques are being applied during each session for you, your family or your individual child.

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What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

CBT is a way to stop the rumination which can cause and perpetuate depression and negative thinking as well as other mental health issues that render people stuck in what can seem like a hopeless situation.

Put simply CBT changes the way you think which changes the way you feel, which in turn changes the way you behave.

Once these changes begin to take place life becomes easier and more peaceful.

CBT works especially well for children as it helps them figure out the complex world they inhabit


Dialectical Behavioural Therapy is a talking therapy with it's origins in CBT.

This therapy is generally used for those clients experiencing a higher level of emotional upset and find it difficult to regulate their emotional responses.

 DBT is a more solution focused therapy with its end goal being acceptance of who you are, geared toward what is commonly known as personality disorders. 

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